Looking after your Family Business is our passion

Family run businesses are the back-bone of the Irish economy and at Crowley & McCarthy we use our depth of expertise and experience to help nurture these vital businesses. We work closely with our family business clients in understanding their specific needs and through building close and solid relationships with the business we can assist our clients in achieving their business and family goals.

In choosing to work with Crowley & McCarthy you are assured of receiving top class support to your family business across our services, whether your needs are in the area of audit, accounts preparation or tax compliance.  We will get to know your business through regular communication and we will provide your business with relevant and timely advice to add value to your business. We will work with your family business through the evolution of the business, from start-up, to mature business, to sale or transfer of ownership.

For family businesses, the issue of succession of the business beyond the current ownership is often one of the most challenging issues business owners face. The whole area of business succession in a family business can be complex involving financial issues and family dynamics. We take time in understanding our clients’ particular situation, enabling our family business clients to identify their goals, objectives and concerns for business succession and assisting them in putting plans in place to enable smooth and tax efficient transition of the business to the next generation or external ownership.